Boston Comic Con was Amazing <3

I have to admit, after being screwed over by Special Edition NYC, a street fair thing and then KawaiiLand, I was feeling very apprehensive about going to another convention. My apprehension grew exponentially with the untimely death of one of my beloved guinea pigs and the fact that the past 3 events left my bank account severely depleted (I didn’t even make ONE sale at the street fair and it cost me $100).

Why didn’t sales go well? It’s not because I make shoddy merchandise (because I don’t!). It was because the events were poorly advertised so I would literally go for hours without talking to a customer. Boston Comic Con scared me because it was competing with Otakon, which is one of the largest conventions on the east coast.

I grit my teeth and headed off to Boston with my partner in crime, Luca, who is in charge of the awesome Simply Comical Network. Friday started off slowly and remained pretty slow. I was afraid that Friday would set the bar for slowness. It was so slow, some of the artists didn’t even show up yet. The table next to me was half empty, because I’m a pessimist. Ramon Gil, the gentleman who occupied the other half of the table said his friend whom he was sharing the table with would show up on Saturday.

On Saturday, I could not believe my eyes when I saw Dominic Sparano, the EIC of Pronto Comics sitting at that other half of the table, right next to me. What a small world! In addition, other Pronto members had a table 2 tables away so it was kinda like a super awesome reunion. For those who don’t know, I’ve done some work for Pronto back in the day, mostly coloring stuff. They’re a great bunch with a lot of heart and creativity.

Sales went pretty well on both Saturday and Sunday (not as well as sayyy AnimeNEXT) but the convention itself was so much goddamn fun, I didn’t even mind. Between having an artist alley table near awesome people and reuniting with an old friend that lived around the area, the trip was definitely worth it.

The convention center itself was so packed, you’d need a machete to cut through the crowd. The downside was, our table was stuck in a bit of an alcove and didn’t see as much traffic as tables in the main area. I suspect this is because we were wait-listed and our tables were thrown in as an afterthought. We still saw sufficient traffic, but I did feel we were at a bit of a disadvantage – not enough of a disadvantage for me to cry and leave negative reviews of the con or anything of the sort, though.

I ended up buying a lot of stuff – Including comics! I’m thinking of doing reviews of the comics that I got because I’m the kind of asshole that wants to make my opinions known. We shall see!

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