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Life and things

I haven’t had a lot of time to talk about things because I was at Special Edition NYC on June 6 and 7, I had my nephew and his wife visit from the old country and I was at AnimeNEXT this past weekend on June 12-14. It’s been crazy. Here are my thoughts about what’s been going down.

Special Edition NYC
I know last year I said I wasn’t sure if I was going to try to have a table this year but I gave it a shot and it turned out to be quite profitable! There were way more attendees this year, since last year was a total ghost town. I saw people who commissioned me last year and they ended up commissioning me this year, which totally made me feel special.

I shared a table with the funny and talented Carlos Abdu and we had a blast, chilling out, talking nonsense and drawing stuff.

I wasn’t too crazy about the new venue. It’s a good idea to not have an event that involves lots of paper in really humid conditions. We were at a pier, which means we were by the Hudson River and the humidity wrinkled a lot of people’s prints and comics. We also got that authentic Hudson River smell which kinda smelled like urine. Gross.

If Special Edition would have me next year, I’d gladly go back, though. It was small, but fun and it will only get bigger from here.

I always love going to AnimeNEXT. Hands down, it’s my favorite convention to AA at. I’m super sad that my table partner couldn’t make it. I miss her and I hope she’s doing well.

On the lighter note, AA is always packed and sales are always amazing. I did lots of commissions this time around and I got lots of compliments on my art style. I was pleasantly surprised at how well my original prints sold this time around, as it’s been a running gag that they never sell. Believe me, it’s not a self-confidence issue of “ohmagad my prints suck” it’s just that I’m a realist and I know it’s harder to sell original prints when most people are clearly looking for fan art prints at conventions.

I also saw a lot of repeat customers and old friends that I haven’t seen in a while. I can’t quite describe it but this AnimeNEXT made me feel quite special and I’m still on a high from that.

Other than that, I took my nephew and his wife to Lower Manhattan and we went up into the observation deck(s) of the new World Trade Center and did touristy things. It was fun and quite visually stimulating.

That’s it for now. Artwork posts coming soon, as well as major updates to my portfolio stuff. Also, more jewelry coming soon :D