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Lord of Murder

evilpallyI realized I haven’t really talked about this picture that much, but as silly as it sounds, it means a lot to me.

I’ve mentioned this before, but for the longest time, I’ve struggled with digital art. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve felt confident with something I’ve drawn and colored digitally, and I didn’t think that was possible. I’ve always told myself that I’ll never be able to do anything digitally beyond a cartoonish combo of crisp lines and cel shading.

One day, I sat down with my refurbished Motion Computing tablet (because I can’t afford a cintiq) and I told myself that I was going to stop sucking at digital art. One thing I’ve always liked was drawing and shading with ballpoint pen, so I tried to get the same effect with digital. You’re looking at (probably) the only idiot who likes to ink with the rough pencil tool.  But it works for me and I like the way it looks. And the entire struggle has been to try and find something that feels comfortable and has my signature style to it.

This is the first of many more good things to come. I’m already working on making more elaborate drawings with even more complex rough pencil shading. I’m just surprised at how quick I was able to get this done (2.5 hours). I’m used to spending 10 hours not knowing what the hell I’m doing with digital and then realizing I wasted 10 hours on something I didn’t even like.

Image and character © Indira Jainanan

The Unusual Suspects

unusualsuspectsThis is a bit of D&D sillyness that I did to compare different heights and builds (and personalities!).

Characters from left to right:

Brother Wigglesworth: The cowardly cleric who owns an orphanage and spoils the hell out of his orphans by buying them diamond encrusted rocking horses and caviar. He’s on a never ending quest to keep funding his orphanage without sacrificing quality of care. He doesn’t have much experience in the outside world and gets lost and confused quite easily.

Devyn Darkmoon: The wannabe death metal bard with the voice of 1000 dying angels. He’s the only one who likes his singing and he has the personality of a bag of rusty nails to match his terrible voice. He travels the world in search of an audience who can appreciate his ‘music.’ When he’s not traveling, he can often be found writing sad poetry in his diary.

Bunny-Chan: The 9 year old noble girl who inherited the powers of a dying valkyrie and became a paladin as a result. Bunny-Chan is blessed with the strength of a full grown adult but still remains with the brains of a naive 9 year old girl. She usually solves all of her problems by screaming and hitting stuff with her greatsword (which is bigger than she is). Her battle strategy has yet to fail her.

Creighton Snyder: The paladin/fighter hybrid that usually works as a mercenary in order to make a living. Sadly, he seems to be the sanest one here.

Image and characters © Indira Jainanan