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Things that I plan on finishing

Musical Demon

mandolin-pencilsThis year, I’m making it my business to step up the portfolio game and try to get more commissions/freelance work. I still love drawing more than making jewelry, hence, wanting to get more drawing jobs.

Last year, I kinda beat myself up over doing “pretty, detailed, predictable stuff”, I second guessed myself a lot and held myself back for no reason at all. I like doing pretty, detailed, predictable stuff and even if it’s predictable, I should still do it. I’m pretty sure the only person who’s judging me is me anyway.

I’m in the process of inking this and it’ll be colored with watercolor. I want to do more digital work, as my traditional stuff doesn’t scan very well but I can’t help it. I still love traditional media even though it looks awful on a computer screen ;__;

Image and character © Indira Jainanan

Heirophant – WIP

hierophantThe first drawing is from March 2013. The second drawing is from today (September 27, 2014). I’ve learned a lot since then. I always wanted to color the original, but I never liked the way it was drawn. Fortunately, I’ve been on a drawing spree and I was in the mood to redo this.

Image and character © Indira Jainanan

Lord of Murder – Progress

evilpallyprocessStep-by-step thingy of how I did this. It’s not a tutorial by any means whatsoever and I’m definitely not a shining example of how to do digital art, as I tend to work with as few layers as possible.

There were 9 layers total. One for the red sketch, one for the black outlines, a layer for his skin, one for hair, one for clothes, one for the blue and yellow highlights, one for the grey background and one for the pattern on the background.

This took me about 2.5 hours on Manga Studio. So far, it’s the only digital art program that makes sense to me for coloring.

I’m also happy to be able to find a balance between having a more ‘realistic’ coloring style without sacrificing my line work. I feel like once I lose my lines, it no longer feels like something I did. There needs to be lines.

Image and character © Indira Jainanan

Black Magic Woman – Inked

sorrowswornIt’s been a while since I drew any stuff. So here’s some spoopy goodness! She’ll be colored in watercolor. For some odd reason, I feel like I haven’t inked this fast in a long time, as I actually managed to ink the whole thing in one sitting. Maybe I just really liked working on it, even though inking on textured surfaces feels like pen abuse :(

Image and character © Indira Jainanan