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Black Magic Woman – Inked

sorrowswornIt’s been a while since I drew any stuff. So here’s some spoopy goodness! She’ll be colored in watercolor. For some odd reason, I feel like I haven’t inked this fast in a long time, as I actually managed to ink the whole thing in one sitting. Maybe I just really liked working on it, even though inking on textured surfaces feels like pen abuse :(

Image and character © Indira Jainanan

Speedpainting – LokhTharr

lokhtharrAnother marker sketch done with the Copic toner markers. I recently started replaying Dragon Age: Origins because it was super cheap on steam and I enjoyed the game. While looking through my screenshots folder, randomly, I found a decent reference picture for my character and I thought I’d take a crack at trying to draw him. The lighting in the screen cap was weird, which is why the lighting looks weird here, too. I’m pretty sure I screwed that up, anyhow. I also wish I’d have captured his permanent smirk better.

His name is LokhTharr (yes, you might have seen that name in Buddy and Friend as I have many incarnations of him) and he’s a city elf rogue. He hates other elves more than he hates everything else – even though he really hates everything else. Despite him being a HORRIBLE man, he is a devout follower of Andraste.

There is quite an extensive history of the LokhTharr lineage that I may get to in another post. Basically, his character is consistent in the sense that he’s either some sort of thief OR wizard or a hybrid between the two. He takes things from people, not because he wants those things, but just because he doesn’t want anyone else to have them. He’s also a murderer. A horrible, horrible murderer. He murders because he thinks it’s funny.

Currently, he’s a main character in Buddy and Friend, because I couldn’t waste such a terrible character by just using him in video games :D


speedpaintingA while back, I ran out of my usual Borden and Riley Paris Bleedproof Paper for Markers and Pens. It sounds fancy, but it’s pretty inexpensive and I like it because ink doesn’t smudge on it. I had a hankering to color something with markers at some odd hour of the night and I didn’t have my usual paper, which made me really sad.

I desperately tried to search for something else that was marker-friendly and remembered that I had a random book of Copic’s own marker paper. I decided to use that and see how it works. I drew something before this, inked it and when I tried to color, the pen ink lines smudged all over the place. That made me angry. So I was sad because I didn’t have my usual paper and I was also angry because other paper was smudgey!

BUT – I discovered something awesome. The smudgeyness works really well with the markers alone in the sense that the colors blend together really nicely. I immediately scrapped the old inked thing I was working on and tried to do a ‘lineless’ black and white portrait like how a CG artist would do.

I gotta say, it worked pretty damn well! I know the face isn’t totally symmetrical or whatever, but this was just a test. The paper definitely has potential to do really awesome things, even though it’s not useful for what I originally wanted it for.

I’m in a mood to experiment with the same line art, a lightbox and  a bunch of different types of paper to see what can be done on what paper. I just have to wait until I get different types of paper.

I’ll post the results and my findings when I’m done :D
Image and character © Indira Jainanan