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Musical Demon

mandolin-pencilsThis year, I’m making it my business to step up the portfolio game and try to get more commissions/freelance work. I still love drawing more than making jewelry, hence, wanting to get more drawing jobs.

Last year, I kinda beat myself up over doing “pretty, detailed, predictable stuff”, I second guessed myself a lot and held myself back for no reason at all. I like doing pretty, detailed, predictable stuff and even if it’s predictable, I should still do it. I’m pretty sure the only person who’s judging me is me anyway.

I’m in the process of inking this and it’ll be colored with watercolor. I want to do more digital work, as my traditional stuff doesn’t scan very well but I can’t help it. I still love traditional media even though it looks awful on a computer screen ;__;

Image and character © Indira Jainanan

New Artwork – Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess

Old Moon Goddess
Comparison of a remake of an old image from 6 years ago.  I really liked the idea behind the image, but I couldn’t stand to look at how terrible the old picture was. Because, yeah, it was terrible. 6 years really makes a difference.

The new one was done with watercolor, gel pen and acrylic ink, while the old one was done in gouache and gel pen. Fun fact: the gouache destroyed a lot of my gel pens in the process because it doesn’t actually ‘dry’ and can be re-wet at any time, hence, a lot of my gel pens got clogged with gouache :(

Anywhoo, no gel pens died in the making of the new picture.

I’ve been in the mood to redo a lot of old pictures because, once again, I’m attached to the old ideas and I still want to have them around without looking like they were drawn by someone who has no idea what they were doing.

Image © Indira Jainanan